• News Release: 2/2/2019

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    February 02, 2019
    Air Corp promotional video showing the basics of services performed.
    Air Corp is a full service photographic and cinematographic company with ground based still and video photography along with aerial drone imaging.
    Our web site - http://www.aerialimagingrecon.com

    Our Mission
    Capturing absolute altering moments of time using extremely sophisticated equipment and software through the operation of hand held devices and advanced Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) equipped with high, thermal and low light resolution digital cameras capturing quality observations providing decision makers with a tool-set of potential solutions of control to improve and impact asset conditions over their life cycle.

    Our Vision
    To develop an unrivaled operational proficiency of the most advanced digital imaging devices along with Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) capabilities and technologies in executing Damage Assessment, Construction Progress Monitoring and Inspections, Personal and Real Property Validation, Accurate Land Surveying, Three Dimensional Forensic Object Mapping and Post Processing of Digital Data.
    Peter Anthony, President
    (941) 500-3130