• Lee BIA Member Looking for Experienced Selections Expert/Design Center Manager

    Lee Building Industry Association
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    Lee BIA Member Looking for Experienced Selections Expert/Design Center Manager

    Applicants must have minimum of two years construction/design experience and be able/willing to work 40+ hours per week. Must be a team player, have great customer service skills and be able to stay within clients budget and contract specifications when designing and selecting for their home or remodel project.

    Job Description: The Design Coordinator is responsible for assisting in all aspects of a project from concept to completion, including the design and project workflow of Design Centers, store displays and providing guidance to the stores of appropriate display designs and product preferences by creating a catalog of approved designs. 

    • Schedules design meetings with New Home and Remodeling Clients.
    • Contacts clients prior to meeting to coordinate tastes ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes’
    • Pulls selections for home prior to meeting to speed the selection process along.
    • Works with clients to design and make selections to complete the job.
    • Takes notes during the selection process to transfer into BuilderTrend
    • Data entry of all selections with accurate descriptions and photos for client and job site manager review.
    • Answers any questions during the remodel or home build process regarding selections or changes to the best of your ability.
    • Create sketch art of shower tile layouts in showers for client approval and sub-contractors review to complete job.
    • Helps with designs for custom work.
    • Manages Design Center selections and organization.
    • Orders Cabinet Hardware
    • Creates a slideshow for client to see selections together and make sure design will flow throughout the home. 
    • Helps clients stay within budget during the selection process. 
    • This job description is subject to change as the company grows and needs morph. This position is to be a team player and help in all areas, as needed.
    Please email resumes to Info@BIA.net.
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