• Lee County Government Liaison Committee (LCGC)

    Started over 27 years ago, and chaired by 2016 BIA President, Dan Beiter, the informal group allows the BIA members an opportunity to interact with Lee County and area Municipal Building Officials and the Health Department on current issues, concerns and suggestions affecting their day to day operations.
    Dan Beiter
    Chair Cypress Bay Development
    Michael Webster
    Summit Broadband, Account Director
    Santo Licamara
    Southwest Waste Services, LLC, Sr. Acct. Manager
    China Berry
    AA Surface Pro, Inc, Controller
    Heather Gilpatric
    Firmo Construction, Business Development Manager
    Hello, I am a New Englander who came to the Sunshine state and never left. Firmo Construction is a commercial contracting firm headquartered in Sar...
    Giselle M Rattis
    G&R Design Services LLC